Photography by Gareth Williams – Sunrise from Dundee Law

Photography – Dundee Law Sunrise

It was an early morning today, I was up before the crack of dawn in order to get some shots of the sunrise from atop Dundee Law hill.  You get some spectacular panoramic views from the top of the hill, next to the war memorial, only marred by the presence of a mobile phone tower.

I was up early, to ensure I checked my photography gear before I set off to meet some other photographers there.  We had arranged to meet there the night before, so it was definitely short notice, and little sleep.  A couple of them were already there before me, all of us bleary eyed.  That is apart from one whom none of us had met before, making a time-lapse, and who had been there since 4am.

After the general hello how are you’s it was time to get the gear out as the first signs of the sun peeking its head over the horizon appeared.  I set my camera on the tripod, as I wanted to get a panoramic photograph in before the actual sunrise, the result below:

Dundee Law Sunrise Panoramic Photography

As you can see there was a massive bank of cloud out to sea, so sunrise happened a little later than we thought it would, not long but about ten minutes later.  Fortunately this helped with the sunday a little, as you can see in the images below, it went from orangey red, to casting a purple tinge on the River Tay.  Finally the colours in the sky to the much more yellow of full sun at daybreak.

I have included a photograph of the Oil Rig that was in the Port of Dundee for refurbishment at the time to show the purple tinge much more.

Oil Rig Dundee

Dundee Law Sunrise Photography

Dundee Law Sunrise Photography

Photography Dundee Law Sunrise

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