Quintessentially English

SWPP Forum Competition

Week 17  – 2011 – General Photography – Quintessentially English

Being a member of the SWPP Forum, I quite often enter the weekly forum competition.  This is where an image you enter is judged and voted on by the other members there.

The theme for this week was quintessentially English, and the contents of my entry sprang to mind immediately.  I grabbed my sketch pad and drew a rough outline of the shot I wanted to achieve.

It wasn’t until I realised that we didn’t have the sort of cup I wanted to use, that I thought I could find one in a charity shop.  So the next day off I went in search of the perfect cup saucer and plate to use for the shot.  Whilst searching for the cup I also purchased the scones, Cream and strawberry jam, might as well make an enjoyable feast from the set up of the image.

The Setup

Back home and to create the setup, I moved the kitchen table slightly so I could see the wall tiles in my composition.  Cut the scones filled with cream and strawberry jam, I had to do this twice as I ate the first lot of props because they looked so good.  So it was back to artistically arranging the props for the final image.  I was quite lucky as it was quite a sunny day so it was lit with natural light from camera right and behind the cup.  I did have to lower the blind a little, and used a silver reflector to bounce light back in to fill from the front and produce a catchlight on the strawberry.

Photography by Gareth Williams, Portrait Photography Dundee, Quintessentially English

Composition Test Shot

Post processing

The images didn’t need much post processing at all, just a couple of levels and curves tweaks, and the addition of a border and key line surrounding the image and I was done.

The Final Results

The images below were the two that I chose from the set that were taken with the top image being the on I entered into the competition.

Photography by Gareth Williams, Portrait Photography Dundee, Quintessentially English

Competition Entry

Photography by Gareth Williams, Portrait Photography Dundee, Quintessentially English

Second choice for competition entry

Yes I as a Welshman had an enjoyable quintessentially English snack in Scotland after this shoot, though I did use coffee instead of tea!

I hope you agree that the image I have produced for the competition represents the them Quintessentially English perfectly.

I returned the cup, saucer and plate to the charity shop where I purchased them from along with a fine art print for them to sell.

Gareth Williams – Portrait Photography Dundee



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