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New Business Cards

As I am in the process of rebranding the my website, I thought it would be appropriate to update my business stationery too.  First on the agenda was my business cards which were looking a little outdated and did not fit in with the new branding.

I wanted something different to other photographers who tend to have either a single image, a composite image or multiple cards each with different image, so opted to go back to business card roots and not include an image on my new business cards.  I had recently been sent an offer of 100 mini cards (1/3rd of the size of a business card) from  I have used them before but that was a few years ago, so thought I would use them again.

Moo are an online printing company based in the UK who print a variety of products.  These products include business cards, Mini cards, Postcards and stickers and labels, which makes them ideal for my rebranding exercise.  I chose to go with their rounded corner business cards and taking them up on the offer off 100 mini cards too.

The Design

I wanted the design to match my new websites look.  To accomplish this I used the background image from the website as the base image for my new business cards, the rest was easy as I was keeping it simple. I used my new logo on the front of the cards and using the same fonts added contact details to the back.  I also made similar lies for the Minicards, adjusting for the difference in size to ensure the same overall look.

Photography By Gareth Williams, Business Cards

Business Card Design – Front

Business Card Design – Back

Photography by Gareth Williams, Business Cards

Mini Card Design – Front

Photography by Gareth Williams, Business Cards

Mini Card Design – Back

Ordering and Delivery

Ordering from Moo is simple, you upload your image to their website, choose which ones go on which face, select how many you want and away you go.

Delivery wise I ordered my new business cards on Thursday and the estimated date of delivery was 14-15th May so not long.  So to say I was surprised when the postman arrived today carrying a box from Moo.  Now that is excellent customer service.

Photography by Gareth Williams

Instagram/iPhone Photo of Business Cards and MiniCards


I was not sure as to whether or not use Moo for my new business cards, but I am glad I did.  As mentioned above turnaround was exceptionally speedy and the quality is great.  I have other ideas for my branding, some of which I will use Moo for.  If their customer service stays the same for repeat orders then I think they will have a loyal customer.

Would I recommend them?  In a word Yes!


Gareth Williams – Portrait Photography Dundee

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