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Envisaged Image was conceived as a an online presence for Photography by Gareth Williams, offering professional portrait photography in Dundee and surrounding areas.

As you may gather from my name the URL ( the address your browser uses for a web page) would have long been taken, one of the perils of a popular name.

Why Envisaged Image as the title, I chose this as the name for my website, because the words mean something relating to the result you will get when choosing Photography by Gareth Williams for your portraits.


  1. To conceive an image or picture of, especially as a future possibility.
  2. To consider or regard in a certain way.

Source: The Free Dictionary


  1. Noun: A representation of the external form of a person or thing in sculpture, painting etc.
  2. Verb: Make a visual representation of (something) by scanning it with a detector or electromagnetic beam.
  3. Synonyms noun: picture – figure – effigy – representation – reflection verb: figure – picture – represent – reflect – mirror – depict

Source Wikipedia

This website has been designed as a place to view my portfolio.

Keep up to date with my latest work on my blog.

Find information on the services and products I offer.

To be able to view your images from a portrait session (via a password protected page).

To find out more about me and this website.

Most importantly to provide a point of contact to request further information, or to book a portrait photography session.

Don’t forget if you see something you like whilst you are here feel free to comment, share or send me feedback as its all more than welcome.

Every few weeks I will post some information about my latest visit to Chester for my ongoing training on MMoS (Mentor Me on Steroids) on the blog.  Also at sometime between each MMoS entry, I will post an entry with information about the portrait photography shoot organised for the homework set at the last session,

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site, and if you did let your friends know.

Gareth Williams

All Photography and text on this page ©2012 Photography by Gareth Williams
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